Change Log

Version 0.5.0dev

  • The DefinitionItem now follows the rst description
  • Implement a new AnyItem definition.
  • Support rendering styles (#13)
  • Fix documentation built
  • Add Parameters section for class docstrings (#22)
  • Rename package to sectiondoc (#16)
  • Fix support and tests on Python 2.6 (#8)

Version 0.3.0


  • Support for Python 2.6 to 3.4 (#3, #4)
  • Tests are run on TravisCI for all supported Python versions on Linux (#4)
  • A file has been added to allow installable releases (#5)

Version 0.2


  • First draft of the documentation and rename to refactordoc
  • Removed depedancy to
  • Refactordoc is now a valid sphinx extention
  • Factor out boilerplate code from refactoring methods to class methods.
  • Factored out DefinitionItem class.
  • Better test coverage.
  • Code and Docstring cleanup.

Early Versions


An early copy of the refactor_doc` can be found in the enaml documentation source directory. The module is named enamldoc and uses the Reader class that is in the file of the numpydoc package.