SectionDoc comes with the following predefined rendering styles


  • The default rendering style is currently default


Custom styles can be created by instanciating a Style to map a DocRender factory for each type of object rendered by autodoc. For example adding the following functions in you defines a rendering style for functions and methods:

def function_section(lines):
  return DocRender(
          'Returns': (item_list, ListItem, OrDefinitionItem),
          'Arguments': (arguments, Argument, OrDefinitionItem),
          'Parameters': (arguments, Argument, OrDefinitionItem),
          'Raises': (item_list, ListItem, OrDefinitionItem),
          'Yields': (item_list, ListItem, OrDefinitionItem),
          'Notes': (notes_paragraph, None, None)})

def setup(app):
    style = Style({
        'function': function_section,
        'method': function_section})
    app.connect('autodoc-process-docstring', style.render_docstring)

Specifically the Style instance will map the function and method docstrings to the dostring rendering funtion function_section. The DocRender will then detect the sections Returns, Arguments, Parameters, Raises, Yields, Notes and use the mapped combination of section rendering function, Item description and item rendering type to render the detected section in-place.

The rendering styles can be further extented by implemeting new Item, Renderer instances or section rendering functions.